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Playoff celebration… Bowling

Since the team made it into the playoffs… we (some of us) went bowling =) Here are some pictures because people keep bugging me to put them up *cough*ryan*cough*. Kidding [=


Quickie Pic .004

NRT - 5th grade

Me in the fifth grade. My hair was all kinds of messed up.

I got my refund already!

This year, I used Turbo Tax Deluxe to file my taxes (why pay H&R Block $50-200+ to do it?). Besides being just easy because the program just asks you simple questions (like a survey), most of the categories (like mortgage, TurboTax Deluxecar registration fees, child income, rentals and royalties, business income, IRA and Pension distributions, children, stocks, employee expenses, etc.) didn’t even apply to me! Plus, Nevada doesn’t require Nevada residents to file a State Tax, just Federal.

I e-filed my tax return (price is $17) on April 14, 2007 (three days before the deadline!) and once I did, the program estimates and lets you know the day you might get your money… , but they were exactly right this time with me! At midnight, I checked my checking account balance, and TADA! [Money in the bank, shorty what you drank?] It took them officially less than two weeks to take my return, go through it, and send me my refund.

Just wanted to let you know Turbo Tax is a good product and that you should NOT be paying those damn H&R people to do something so simple for you! (Unless you have a really big business or something like that.) I swear, It took me less than 30 minutes. Moreover, the product is reusable in the same year… so you’re whole family/group of friends can use it. So, pretend that 5 people are gonna file with TurboTax, I got it for $40 on Amazon — that’s only $8 to file your taxes (e-file costs $17, but you can print it & use snail mail)! You have to put in a little work, but it’s for damn sure not $200 worth of work.

Sadly, with all these monies, I am going to pay off my credit cards… not all of ’em, but I still don’t plan on getting anything new, like a Mac =(… oh well. Next time…

How you know I’m an Amazon-head

Amazon Head

My car on a normal Thursday. More in the front, but ehhh.

A trip to the nail salon…

If you have ever been to a nail salon full of Vietnamese ladies (sometimes a guy or two), this video is gonna be hilarious. She does the impression to a tee.

Thanks to Hot 97.5 of Las Vegas (heard it on the radio show this morning w/ Juicy and J-Noise).

The nastiest weave I have EVER seen

I decided to watch Charm School the other night and I was right, the show was pretty stupid. Only Mo’nique would take Flava Flav’s rejects and put them up in a “school” where they learn to be ‘classy‘. Bullcrap. It seems like they aren’t even learning anything. They’re all still bitches to each other.

As for Hottie, damn. That weave looks so bad. And, it’s excessively long. Like, WTF? She wants to be like the black version of Rapunzel. Her eyes are so bulgy, maybe she can’t see that her hair so jacked up.

Hottie with Nasty Weave

Watch a sneak peek of her new music video to “My Man, My Mansion, My Money” on — as if she has any of those things

Visit her Myspace — where she refers to herself as Money Banks, formerly known as Hottie. Girl, you know you ain’t one, but you will be always called that.

Buy her single — you are suppose to be able to buy her single from there, but I didn’t check it out because the song is a piece of crap. Maybe you want it though =)

But, hey… you can’t hate the girl for trying to make something of herself. Even if she has derrrty ass draws. Ewwwww!

Now you know I love Lil` Wayne, but…

Lil Wayne and Babe Laughing

So Lil Wayne put out some new mixtapes where he addresses the fact that he does kiss Baby on the mouth. Previous article and pics here. What’s crazy is, that even when people saw those first pics of them kissing, people still listened to his music. Now, you know if 50 Cent were to kiss Lloyd Banks in the mouth — I think their careers would be over faster than they could say g-g-g-g-g-g-unit, not that they don’t already deserve to be. But, watch the video. Short and sweet, but funny as hell.

Click here to watch the video. (Sorry, can’t embed flash files.)

Thanks A Hot Mess.
Thanks Inciting A Riot.

I would really go lesbo with Rihanna

Rihanna - New Hair Cut

Man you guys, ever since Rihanna got her new haircut, ugh, I’ve just been creamin`. She’s so cute. Her forehead doesn’t look entirely huge now because the hair is covering it and there really isn’t too many options with this cut, so it looks good all the time. I know I’m so late with this since she got this haircut like a month+ ago, but dayummmmm, girl got it going on. Unlike her weirdo song uuum uumm brella la la la la.

Buy it now, the SKiD mark

Sidekick ID Available

T-mobile’s homepage is now showing the SKid for purchase, but it just gives you specs and no prices because it says COMING SOON. To make it even worse, says we can customize our own Sidekick ID starting April 25…. and what is today? Maybe because it is 2 A.M. that they are effin’ up, but it’s still not acceptable. I doubt a lot of people are gonna wanna purchase it anyways. I know I don’t.

(Update) It’s $99 after all the rebates and a 2-year contract.

UFB made it into the playoffs…

My boyfriend plays for a flag football team with our high school friends and some other miscellaneous people. They have changed their team name THREE TIMES! First, it was Young Guns, then the Las Vegas Aces (I thought this was the gayest one), and now it is Unfinished Business, aka UFB. I guess it is okay… I thought Young Guns was just so fresh, but oh well. Not my team. They have had the same jersey though, good thing their team name isn’t on their jerseys. Anyways… they are really good. They play in the C League (I think).

Well, this past Sunday was playoffs and it was so darn exciting.

PLAYOFF GAME #1: I only got mad in the beginning because the other team was so excited about predicting one effin’ play. Give me a break. Losers. I swear. #12 on their team was so ruuuuude and looked like a girl. He wasn’t rude to my boyfriend (he was covering him later on), but it was so bad that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. He did something to somebody and I blurted out Fuck you! when the referee was right there. Oops! I didn’t get in trouble for that one though. Best moment in the game was when Keyo was saying Tackel me! Tackle me! to someone on the opposing team. LOL. That was so hype. In the end, they lost anyways. Yay! Willie didn’t shake anyone’s hand, he was mad at them.

Playoffs - Babe and someone

Playoffs - Anthony

PLAYOFF GAME #2: I got mad this game. They totally ripped our QB Anthony’s shirt. I mean, they called some of the times they were pulling shirts as holding, but NOT ALL OF THEM (video footage) AND that totally pisses me off. I mean, the referees were like blind. She (a female ref) was all mad that I was all yelling (no cuss words, mind you!), just OH MY GOD, C’MON and isht like that when Anthony had fallen down because of that stupid bastard (I can’t remember if it was #4 or #17). The team got mad at me, sorry guys, but Willie came over and calmed me down. I was still mad after that though because the opposing team had a foghorn and a cowbell, which they only used when our team was on offense in order to mess up their concentration. Those pieces of caca lost anyways, go use your foghorn now you bastards. Plus: Keyo kicked the ball 5 yards. LOL. Willie didn’t shake anyone’s hands again.

Playoffs - Ben, Kevin, David

Playoffs - Keyo Kick

So basically, all that means is that UFB IS IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! The crazy thing is that they are going against people that also went to our high school, either from 2003-2004 or 2006 and later. Crazy, right? Western VS. Western — Battle of the Dubb.

Go team. Game is next Sunday! =) The day before my daddy’s birthday.