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UFB Champ Game Highlights

Did this as a project for my video editing class. Mostly edited with Final Cut Pro, but I added the watermark with Adobe Premiere Elements and used Windows Movie Maker to size it down to fit on YouTube… like anyone cares. Taped and edited by your one and only. * I think I spelled Cheddarbob’s […]

It’s a celebration b*tches!

Author: Nikki Rose Ty Director: Nikki Rose Ty For: Ty TV Starring: Members of UFB (Unfinished Business) Published: April 30, 2007

Kevin’s pitch highlights (UFB champ game)

Author: Nikki Rose Ty Director: Nikki Rose Ty For: Ty TV Starring: Prentyce Albright, Kevin Klein, Anthony Whitney, and members of both the C-League teams Unfinished Business and Hitmen Published: April 30, 2007

UFB makes it happen all day, every day

They won against Hitmen! Yessir! Congratulations boys. You deserved it. (Note: Click pictures to enlarge or save.) More pictures to come.

Playoff celebration… Bowling

Since the team made it into the playoffs… we (some of us) went bowling =) Here are some pictures because people keep bugging me to put them up *cough*ryan*cough*. Kidding [=

UFB made it into the playoffs…

My boyfriend plays for a flag football team with our high school friends and some other miscellaneous people. They have changed their team name THREE TIMES! First, it was Young Guns, then the Las Vegas Aces (I thought this was the gayest one), and now it is Unfinished Business, aka UFB. I guess it is […]