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Category Archives: Reviews

Now I can make my own ‘home videos’

I got my first camcorder about two weeks ago, a Canon ZR850. It is a miniDV camcorder instead of a hard drive camera (never ever DVD for me) for two reasons: (1) the price (like a $175+ difference) and (2) the brand. As of right now, Canon does not offer any hard drive cameras, but […]

I got my refund already!

This year, I used Turbo Tax Deluxe to file my taxes (why pay H&R Block $50-200+ to do it?). Besides being just easy because the program just asks you simple questions (like a survey), most of the categories (like mortgage, car registration fees, child income, rentals and royalties, business income, IRA and Pension distributions, children, […]

A very edible arrangement

I got a gift from my Ate Rina like two weeks ago for helping her daughter. Sweet, huh? Totally didn’t deserve it cause I like helping Alleia out with school things. I wish I had someone to guide me when I was that age, but my sisters didn’t care about me back then… I was […]

My Cranium addiction has been satisfied

Ever since I played Cranium at Joseph & Erika’s house (on our vacation to Utah), I have wanted to get a copy for myself…. But instead, I got the TURBO EDITION! Yayers! It is usually $35, but I got on eBay for about $25,… isn’t that great? Brand new and sealed. Unlike the regular edition, […]

Six Flags is closing…

… Or so we (people at work) have heard so you know we had to go this year! This work trip was pretty fun. Not everyone went because not everyone was invited (thank God). But, sadly, some people didn’t even stay the entire time! Nonetheless, we had fun. Group tickets for 10+ people were only […]

Another phone… got an unlocked 6131

So I got a new phone, my first phone purchase from ebay. It went easily and I got the phone earlier than I thought I would. The seller was saberpoint. Why I chose this phone: 16 million color main screen megapixel camera (even though I knew it wasn’t going to be that good) radio micro-SD […]

HP Customer Service Wankster

Yeahh.. I called HP today for my Compaq Computer (same company, that’s riiiiggghtt hoes!) and talked to Customer Service. I think their customer service is in another country because those mother fellas don’t speak very well, anyway….. I told him my speakers weren’t working and he automatically assumed that they were broken and tried to […]