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Category Archives: Random

Top 25’s and Science’s Myths

Time’s 25 Top Ten Lists Really good lists of ten things that were big in 2006, including websites, sports, scandals, crimes, etc. Most Popular Myths I love the website where I found this at. But, this is by far the best article I have read on there. Get smart. Advertisements

Random Thoughts… .002

That when you try to get a house, they check your savings account. Not if you just got one big lump sum in there from a separate source (such as a loan), but the history of it… like if it is growing. My brother suggests I put at lest $25 in there a month and […]

Random Thoughts… .001

Carpet that has just been cleaned takes about 10 hours to completely dry, but it’s worth it. Next time though, have a plan… go somewhere right after they do it or go to sleep! It sucks to be awake, not able to find your car keys, be wide awake, and be stuck at home w/ […]

Random Links .003

Concepts for Apple iPhone Lots of concepts for the supposed iPhone that is suppose to come out. Can’t wait. Some of these designs are so tight… Sales Circular You know how you look through all the ads of the newspaper come Sunday to see if one has that one game for cheaper than another? Well… […]

Random Links .002

How to make money off your blog It is a really good article. Lots of ads on this page (wonder why…) but very informational nonetheless. Exporting your address book from Yahoo! & Outlook This is a good article for when you have Gmail and want to transfer all your goodies over there. TV guide […]

Who the ‘F’ is this?!?

Okay… so you know how you ‘google’ someone? Well, I Googled myself today and oh my freaking gosh… someone’s effin’ user name on Ebay is nikkirosety. WTF? Who the hell? No one has my damn name… do they? Oh, I’m pissed right now…. Rawr. This mofo doesn’t even have a freaking picture. Here’s proof. And […]

Aboriginal Australians

HOLY CRAP! I don’t look that good, but daaaangg. Blond hair? Dark skin? We are connected. The blonde hair of some Aboriginal Australians posed a problem for early racial classifiers, who thought blond hair was restricted to the so-called Caucasian races. Anthropologists now know that all human populations have significant physical and biological variability, making […]