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Category Archives: Projects

UFB Champ Game Highlights

Did this as a project for my video editing class. Mostly edited with Final Cut Pro, but I added the watermark with Adobe Premiere Elements and used Windows Movie Maker to size it down to fit on YouTube… like anyone cares. Taped and edited by your one and only. * I think I spelled Cheddarbob’s […]

Remember when we were seniors? [WHS c/o 2005]

For senior year, I made a photo slideshow to show during the senior assembly… it was a great success. Some people were mad they didn’t get in the video, but I didn’t care. We had an announcement every morning over the intercom to turn in pictures/email pictures and only two people did… was I suppose […]

It’s a celebration b*tches!

Author: Nikki Rose Ty Director: Nikki Rose Ty For: Ty TV Starring: Members of UFB (Unfinished Business) Published: April 30, 2007

Kevin’s pitch highlights (UFB champ game)

Author: Nikki Rose Ty Director: Nikki Rose Ty For: Ty TV Starring: Prentyce Albright, Kevin Klein, Anthony Whitney, and members of both the C-League teams Unfinished Business and Hitmen Published: April 30, 2007

“Meadow Creek: The Spa Resort” (final corporate identity summary)

A long, long time ago (around two months), I was taking a Corporate Identity class. It ended up being one of my favorite classes because it was highly based on graphic design, which is what I prefer a bit more than web design. Well, my main objective in the class was to come up w/ […]

2006 Christmas Gift Tag

How you’ll know it’s from me… Christmas time is in 4 days.