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Category Archives: Pictures

UFB makes it happen all day, every day

They won against Hitmen! Yessir! Congratulations boys. You deserved it. (Note: Click pictures to enlarge or save.) More pictures to come. Advertisements

Playoff celebration… Bowling

Since the team made it into the playoffs… we (some of us) went bowling =) Here are some pictures because people keep bugging me to put them up *cough*ryan*cough*. Kidding [=

Quickie Pic .004

Me in the fifth grade. My hair was all kinds of messed up.

The nastiest weave I have EVER seen

I decided to watch Charm School the other night and I was right, the show was pretty stupid. Only Mo’nique would take Flava Flav’s rejects and put them up in a “school” where they learn to be ‘classy‘. Bullcrap. It seems like they aren’t even learning anything. They’re all still bitches to each other. As […]

Can you believe we look so alike?

My favorite cousin Kathe =). She’s one year younger. I love hers.

Quickie Pic .003

Me trying to commit suicide atop the parking garage of Treasure Island. Nicole is shocked, but doesn’t try to save me.

Quickie Pic .002

Be safe kids. All the time, everytime. =)

Quickie Pic .001

My nieces on Halloween! Christine & Bea. A cool witch & Dorothy!

Aboriginal Australians

HOLY CRAP! I don’t look that good, but daaaangg. Blond hair? Dark skin? We are connected. The blonde hair of some Aboriginal Australians posed a problem for early racial classifiers, who thought blond hair was restricted to the so-called Caucasian races. Anthropologists now know that all human populations have significant physical and biological variability, making […]