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Category Archives: News

In the news: nasty guy

A 29 year old sex offender was trying to register at middle school in Phoenix, Arizona (never goin there again). He looks 12 years old, which is what age he claimed to be… hmmmm. The article says he was living with two MEN he was shebangin’ … they believed he was 12 years old too. […]

$100,000 Pepsi can

Pepsi is giving away a $100,000 jewel-studded soft-drink can to one lucky fan. You can enter the contest (I did… teehee), but you know you won’t win… just kidding. I’m just trying to discourage you. But, no no… the winner will also get lifetime tickets to the Superbowl. “The can is all blinged out,” Pepsi-Cola […]

Saddam Hussein Executed + Video

As everyone probably already knows (unless you have been hiding beneath a rock), Saddam Hussein was executed before it hit 2007 for crimes against humanity. His punishment? The ultimate, death by hanging. I’ll spare you the details, but read more here. Sami al-Askari, a witness to the execution, said, “Before the rope was put around […]

Pacquiao shows Morales who his daddy is!

Source: (AP Photo/Eric Jamison) In their third fight Saturday night, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao beats Erik Morales by knockout! During the third round, Morales just looked at his corner and sat. He had given up. After Pacman won, he walked over to Morales and gave him a hug and his father a handshake. Good sportsmanship. I […]