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Category Archives: New

Buy it now, the SKiD mark

T-mobile’s homepage is now showing the SKid for purchase, but it just gives you specs and no prices because it says COMING SOON. To make it even worse, says we can customize our own Sidekick ID starting April 25…. and what is today? Maybe because it is 2 A.M. that they are effin’ up, […]

Beyonce and her “Kitty Kat”

Came out awhile ago, but since I hadn’t seen it, maybe someone else hadn’t. Here’s the video. I doubt it is in full because it was suppose to be integrated with Green Light, but I just like this one better. She’s so hot. The eyeshadow is fabulous.

Google has a blog searcher

Google is so great! They even have a search especially for blogs… what will they come up with next? Click here.