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Category Archives: Humor

Wal-mart is so damn ghetto

Look at this crap! It’s bad enough the labels are all white and jacked up, they had someone who was in second first grade writing the words and numbers… they can’t even count. Wal-mart better step their game up, all this child labor is gonna hit the surface one day. Advertisements

Summer comedies

Rush Hour 3 – Not much to say except that it took them way too long to come out with this movie. This is like Chris Tucker’s first movie in 5 years! Dayummm! Jackie Chan still looks good! It’s setting is in Paris, which I think makes it less funnier. Surprisingly, it looks like there’s […]

Stewie knows how to speak Tagalog

Hahahah. Oh isht. So much Filipino on that ASS! =] Thanks Lauren.

A trip to the nail salon…

If you have ever been to a nail salon full of Vietnamese ladies (sometimes a guy or two), this video is gonna be hilarious. She does the impression to a tee. Thanks to Hot 97.5 of Las Vegas (heard it on the radio show this morning w/ Juicy and J-Noise).

Now you know I love Lil` Wayne, but…

So Lil Wayne put out some new mixtapes where he addresses the fact that he does kiss Baby on the mouth. Previous article and pics here. What’s crazy is, that even when people saw those first pics of them kissing, people still listened to his music. Now, you know if 50 Cent were to kiss […]

I want my money b*tch!

*Every video link I put up eventually doesn’t work because Funny or Die owns the copyright to the video. Click here to watch the video. Dayum, that was funny. Wonder if it the landlord was really saying all that isht or they put voice overs. I didn’t even see her face or mouth in some. […]

Go ahead buddy, ghost ride that whip!

“I’m from the bay. I’m from the ahhhhhhhhh!!!“ Yeah, shuttup. You ain’t singing E-40 now.

Lil` Wayne likes tongue kissing guys

PICTURE PROOF! They admit it is not edited or Photoshopped. Just note, that even though they claim they are father and son, they are actually not. Weezy’s father died when he was real young. This is real kissing sonnn! I wonder what kind of chapstick Baby wears for Lil Wayne. Close up…