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Category Archives: Firsts

Now I can make my own ‘home videos’

I got my first camcorder about two weeks ago, a Canon ZR850. It is a miniDV camcorder instead of a hard drive camera (never ever DVD for me) for two reasons: (1) the price (like a $175+ difference) and (2) the brand. As of right now, Canon does not offer any hard drive cameras, but […]

ThankYou Network… I’m rich b*tch!

Finally received my first ThankYou member reward a couple of days ago! It only took 3 weeks to get here even though customer service told me it would take 6-8 weeks (felt like rebate status for a minute). Anyways… I got the Target $100 Gift Card, with a cute lil doggy sitting in a car […]

Stewie knows how to speak Tagalog

Hahahah. Oh isht. So much Filipino on that ASS! =] Thanks Lauren.

Kevin’s pitch highlights (UFB champ game)

Author: Nikki Rose Ty Director: Nikki Rose Ty For: Ty TV Starring: Prentyce Albright, Kevin Klein, Anthony Whitney, and members of both the C-League teams Unfinished Business and Hitmen Published: April 30, 2007

UFB makes it happen all day, every day

They won against Hitmen! Yessir! Congratulations boys. You deserved it. (Note: Click pictures to enlarge or save.) More pictures to come.

UFB made it into the playoffs…

My boyfriend plays for a flag football team with our high school friends and some other miscellaneous people. They have changed their team name THREE TIMES! First, it was Young Guns, then the Las Vegas Aces (I thought this was the gayest one), and now it is Unfinished Business, aka UFB. I guess it is […]

Can you believe we look so alike?

My favorite cousin Kathe =). She’s one year younger. I love hers.

Salt Lake City, here we come

Why: My boyfriend’s birthday celebration & our two year anniversary Cost: $466 (just the airfare) When: February 22nd to when we want to come back! (Just kidding. Monday.) Supposed things you can do in Salt Lake City… Visit the church (it’s huge!) See where the Utah Jazz practice/play Go to Trolley Square, where that crazy […]


Jessica Simpson and hair stylist Ken Paves decided to make hairdo extensions for the modern woman, myself included, and of course I had to get them. Almost $100 when purchased from (including shipping), but I think it was worth it… I bought another one just yesterday… the straight one. Like em? I know I […]

89134: a zip code magazine

So my mom and dad live in a pretty rich neighborhood by the name of Summerlin… (well most of it, anyway) and I went over to visit the other day. I can’t stay away for too long, mom’s home-cooked meals are irresistible… even though she was not there, her mini-me, my sister, was. So I’m […]