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Category Archives: Cellular

So many new phones… which is your pick?

Sidekick I.D. – set to launch on April 25 (from what I heard); only $99 with a two year contract; takes away all the useless features of the SK3, like bluetooth, miniSD, mp3 player (get an iPod people); no camera though, which is not totally useless; more from Engadget iPhone – Apple promises it’ll be […]

Another phone… got an unlocked 6131

So I got a new phone, my first phone purchase from ebay. It went easily and I got the phone earlier than I thought I would. The seller was saberpoint. Why I chose this phone: 16 million color main screen megapixel camera (even though I knew it wasn’t going to be that good) radio micro-SD […]

The 7610 dies young and pretty

So my Nokia 7610 decided that it wants to start dying on me throughout the day and during my phone calls… and since I didn’t register the damn thing, the one year warranty is not valid… It was $400 when I bought it and 9 months later, it’s a piece of caca. I just bought […]