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Category Archives: Celebs

The nastiest weave I have EVER seen

I decided to watch Charm School the other night and I was right, the show was pretty stupid. Only Mo’nique would take Flava Flav’s rejects and put them up in a “school” where they learn to be ‘classy‘. Bullcrap. It seems like they aren’t even learning anything. They’re all still bitches to each other. As […]

Now you know I love Lil` Wayne, but…

So Lil Wayne put out some new mixtapes where he addresses the fact that he does kiss Baby on the mouth. Previous article and pics here. What’s crazy is, that even when people saw those first pics of them kissing, people still listened to his music. Now, you know if 50 Cent were to kiss […]

I would really go lesbo with Rihanna

Man you guys, ever since Rihanna got her new haircut, ugh, I’ve just been creamin`. She’s so cute. Her forehead doesn’t look entirely huge now because the hair is covering it and there really isn’t too many options with this cut, so it looks good all the time. I know I’m so late with this […]

Beyonce and her “Kitty Kat”

Came out awhile ago, but since I hadn’t seen it, maybe someone else hadn’t. Here’s the video. I doubt it is in full because it was suppose to be integrated with Green Light, but I just like this one better. She’s so hot. The eyeshadow is fabulous.

Akon loves dry humping

*Since the video keeps getting deleted, here is a video slideshow… intertesting. This one kinda shows it, but ehh. Wow… I’m basically speechless. Akon is dry humping a fan… who doesn’t look 18, but I’m guessing no one cares. I think she’s 14, but who knows?! This supposedly happened at one of his concerts in […]

"Bye Bye Bye" Cameron

[Photo courtesy of] Finally… my dream come true. They are done. It’s official. I wonder why… they never talk about their relationship. I think its because he realized Cameron is an old ass whore. Nonetheless, I’m in there like swimwear. “It has always been our preference not to comment on the status of our […]

I love her and her fivehead

Rihanna is so hot man. But daayummm,… that thang is large. I hope her next single is, “There’s a Thug in my Life” ft J-Status.

Lil` Wayne likes tongue kissing guys

PICTURE PROOF! They admit it is not edited or Photoshopped. Just note, that even though they claim they are father and son, they are actually not. Weezy’s father died when he was real young. This is real kissing sonnn! I wonder what kind of chapstick Baby wears for Lil Wayne. Close up…

Pacquiao shows Morales who his daddy is!

Source: (AP Photo/Eric Jamison) In their third fight Saturday night, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao beats Erik Morales by knockout! During the third round, Morales just looked at his corner and sat. He had given up. After Pacman won, he walked over to Morales and gave him a hug and his father a handshake. Good sportsmanship. I […]