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Category Archives: Advice

I got my refund already!

This year, I used Turbo Tax Deluxe to file my taxes (why pay H&R Block $50-200+ to do it?). Besides being just easy because the program just asks you simple questions (like a survey), most of the categories (like mortgage, car registration fees, child income, rentals and royalties, business income, IRA and Pension distributions, children, […]

Which CS3 set should you buy?

Need to decide which version of Adobe CS3 you want? Academic Superstore, a site to buy software and other things (some books, hardware, etc.) at discounted prices if you are a student/educator has a real simple list to help you. View it here. Don’t really know if I want to update just yet. I just […]

Random Thoughts… .002

That when you try to get a house, they check your savings account. Not if you just got one big lump sum in there from a separate source (such as a loan), but the history of it… like if it is growing. My brother suggests I put at lest $25 in there a month and […]

Random Thoughts… .001

Carpet that has just been cleaned takes about 10 hours to completely dry, but it’s worth it. Next time though, have a plan… go somewhere right after they do it or go to sleep! It sucks to be awake, not able to find your car keys, be wide awake, and be stuck at home w/ […]

How to get the best out of Amazon

Amazon has a 30 day price guarantee that they do not promote or say anything about on their website. I found out about it from a article and from The guarantee states that if you purchase an item and the price goes down within the next 30 days, they will refund you the […]

HP Customer Service Wankster

Yeahh.. I called HP today for my Compaq Computer (same company, that’s riiiiggghtt hoes!) and talked to Customer Service. I think their customer service is in another country because those mother fellas don’t speak very well, anyway….. I told him my speakers weren’t working and he automatically assumed that they were broken and tried to […]