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The nastiest weave I have EVER seen

I decided to watch Charm School the other night and I was right, the show was pretty stupid. Only Mo’nique would take Flava Flav’s rejects and put them up in a “school” where they learn to be ‘classy‘. Bullcrap. It seems like they aren’t even learning anything. They’re all still bitches to each other.

As for Hottie, damn. That weave looks so bad. And, it’s excessively long. Like, WTF? She wants to be like the black version of Rapunzel. Her eyes are so bulgy, maybe she can’t see that her hair so jacked up.

Hottie with Nasty Weave

Watch a sneak peek of her new music video to “My Man, My Mansion, My Money” on — as if she has any of those things

Visit her Myspace — where she refers to herself as Money Banks, formerly known as Hottie. Girl, you know you ain’t one, but you will be always called that.

Buy her single — you are suppose to be able to buy her single from there, but I didn’t check it out because the song is a piece of crap. Maybe you want it though =)

But, hey… you can’t hate the girl for trying to make something of herself. Even if she has derrrty ass draws. Ewwwww!


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