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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Random Thoughts… .001

Carpet that has just been cleaned takes about 10 hours to completely dry, but it’s worth it. Next time though, have a plan… go somewhere right after they do it or go to sleep! It sucks to be awake, not able to find your car keys, be wide awake, and be stuck at home w/ […]

Cranium Whoonu for $4.50… what?!

Usually $15 + shipping… Cranium Whoonu is on sale for $4.50 + shipping (free for me, I’m a Prime Member) in Amazon’s Spring Clearance sale. Yay, another Cranium game. Yippy!

Cleaning sucks, but my cousin is coming!

So, cleaning sucks. But, I had the people clean my carpet this morning (so fresh & actually so clean now) so I had to get everything fixed up. Plus, my bestest cousin in the world KATHE! is coming over from California on Thursday — that’s tomorrow! And… for game night at my crib. Donating some […]

My Cranium addiction has been satisfied

Ever since I played Cranium at Joseph & Erika’s house (on our vacation to Utah), I have wanted to get a copy for myself…. But instead, I got the TURBO EDITION! Yayers! It is usually $35, but I got on eBay for about $25,… isn’t that great? Brand new and sealed. Unlike the regular edition, […]

Six Flags is closing…

… Or so we (people at work) have heard so you know we had to go this year! This work trip was pretty fun. Not everyone went because not everyone was invited (thank God). But, sadly, some people didn’t even stay the entire time! Nonetheless, we had fun. Group tickets for 10+ people were only […]