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Another phone… got an unlocked 6131

So I got a new phone, my first phone purchase from ebay. It went easily and I got the phone earlier than I thought I would. The seller was saberpoint.

Nokia 6131

Nokia 6131

Nokia 6131

Why I chose this phone:

  • 16 million color main screen
  • megapixel camera (even though I knew it wasn’t going to be that good)
  • radio
  • micro-SD card slot
  • mp3 player
  • outer screen (good for self portraits)
  • it is unlocked

Love that:

  • it has a button to flip the phone open!
  • comes with a good headset
  • since I got it from saberpoint (ebay), i got a free car charger
  • includes 3 games
  • video capture is better than most cameras
  • it is really loud
  • it is thin and feels good in the hands
  • big buttons (great for when you have fake nails in)
  • active standby menu
  • came with some actual song ringtones
  • nice calendar
  • came with a stereo headset

Hate that:

  • I can’t open more than one application at a time
  • no copy/paste like my 7610
  • pictures from the camera are really noisy if you don’t have good lighting
  • themes were kind of wack (a soccer theme?!)
  • can’t add additional programs (for free anyway)
  • can’t set the alarm for a PM time in via the calendar

Overall, I can’t say that it is worth the $236 that I spent on it (not including the pink case I bought for it) yet, but we will see.

Another thing I learned as well is that there is a company called SquareTrade that insures products purchased from ebay, used or new. Cool, huh? I didn’t purchase it though.

Also, there was a lot of confusion (on my part) between the 6131 and the 6126 and the 6133. The 6133 is sold and branded by T-mobile. The two are different in color (the number keys are silver), but I don’t know about that phone feature wise since I didn’t like how it looked. The 6126 however, does not have the radio feature, just the mp3 player.


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