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Not so glamorous: Canker sores

[Not my mouth. Picture from here.]

I have a stupid canker sore. They hurt so bad. You would hate them too if you ever had one. If you don’t know what a canker sore is, it’s those white circular sores in your mouth that hurt really bad when you touch them with your tongue or when food gets into/near them.

To this day, doctors still DO NOT know their cause, but they believe it to be just ‘stress, poor nutrition, food allergies, and menstrual periods.’ Anybody can get them, but they are mostly found in women who are in their teens and 20s (I’m exactly 20 years old… and guess what? I have a bagina.)

Don’t worry though… they are NOT contagious and will usually go away in two weeks, so I won’t be infecting anyone soon. (Darn!) To relieve some of the pain before that two-week mark hits, you might want to use some Orajel and apply it to the area with a Q-tip to numb it from pain, which lasts for about 20 or so minutes.

Til then, I’ll try not to complain.

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