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Saddam Hussein Executed + Video

As everyone probably already knows (unless you have been hiding beneath a rock), Saddam Hussein was executed before it hit 2007 for crimes against humanity. His punishment? The ultimate, death by hanging. I’ll spare you the details, but read more here.

Sami al-Askari, a witness to the execution, said, “Before the rope was put around his neck, Saddam shouted, ‘Allah is great. The Muslim Ummah will be victorious and Palestine is Arab.‘” Saddam also stressed that the Iraqis should fight the Americans and the Persians. After the rope was secured, guards shouted various rebukes including “Muqtada! Muqtada! Muqtada!” in reference to Muqtada al-Sadr; Saddam repeated the name mockingly and denounced the guards’ shouts stating, “Do you consider this bravery?” A Shi’a version of an Islamic prayer was also recited by some of those present in the room, an apparent sectarian insult against the Sunni Saddam. One observer told Saddam, “Go to hell! Insha’Allah.” Saddam replied, “The hell that is Iraq?” Another man asked for quiet, saying, “Please, stop. The man is facing an execution.”

Saddam began to recite the Shahadah again, an act of faith performed by Muslims prior to the time of death (if anticipated). As he neared the end of his second recitation, the platform dropped.

– Wikipedia

This will give you a little insight on what is being said in the video (cell phone quality, so it is very poor). The video was supposedly leaked by a guard and three arrests have been made in association with it, but I’m glad someone did it. Although he was a really bad person,… I still made the sign of the cross after watching the video. Even though he was probably the reason for hundreds of deaths… still felt bad, kinda sorta.

Here’s the video. (Update, 27 April 07) – It already has 16 million hits.


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