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Monthly Archives: December 2006

2006 Christmas Gift Tag

How you’ll know it’s from me… Christmas time is in 4 days. Advertisements

Quickie Pic .003

Me trying to commit suicide atop the parking garage of Treasure Island. Nicole is shocked, but doesn’t try to save me.

Bringing back the Nintendo

So my boyfriend could not stop talking about this game called Mike Tyson Punch Out. It was on the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). So… to make him not mad at me anymore (I bought something for myself that he was supposedly gonna get for me on Christmas), I tried to find a way to […]

Net Finds .002

Asuka-chan (Buy her book)This 14 year old Japanese girl… who’s retarded by the way, has a photobook with erotic photos of herself. Hmmm… is this child pornography or what? Where are her parents at? Who decided to publish her? Rawr. Turn your fugly XP interface into Mac’s OS XI don’t think XP’s interface is terrible, […]

I love her and her fivehead

Rihanna is so hot man. But daayummm,… that thang is large. I hope her next single is, “There’s a Thug in my Life” ft J-Status.

Quickie Pic .002

Be safe kids. All the time, everytime. =)

Random Links .002

How to make money off your blog It is a really good article. Lots of ads on this page (wonder why…) but very informational nonetheless. Exporting your address book from Yahoo! & Outlook This is a good article for when you have Gmail and want to transfer all your goodies over there. TV guide […]

Update: Photo Albums

I uploaded about 100 new pictures to my Picasa web album. My Fam Bam Ty Family Halloweens The Baby Pictures New Year’s Eve 2005

Who the ‘F’ is this?!?

Okay… so you know how you ‘google’ someone? Well, I Googled myself today and oh my freaking gosh… someone’s effin’ user name on Ebay is nikkirosety. WTF? Who the hell? No one has my damn name… do they? Oh, I’m pissed right now…. Rawr. This mofo doesn’t even have a freaking picture. Here’s proof. And […]