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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Random Links .001

This will be a series of posts of things I find and have probably searched because I thought it was interesting…. I’m a nerd you know… they could be useful, they could be fun, they could also be pointless. Enjoy. See how fast your internet is going. Thanks to CNET. Mine was going above normal. […]


Me and babe stood in line at Game Stop (we were 4th and 5th) on Black Friday and got ourselves Nintendo Wii’s. They are hot fire. We had so much fun playing. Also, you can make a cartoon version of yourself; it’s called a Mii. I made babe. He made me. Then I made my […]

Quickie Pic .001

My nieces on Halloween! Christine & Bea. A cool witch & Dorothy!

Lil` Wayne likes tongue kissing guys

PICTURE PROOF! They admit it is not edited or Photoshopped. Just note, that even though they claim they are father and son, they are actually not. Weezy’s father died when he was real young. This is real kissing sonnn! I wonder what kind of chapstick Baby wears for Lil Wayne. Close up…

Pacquiao shows Morales who his daddy is!

Source: (AP Photo/Eric Jamison) In their third fight Saturday night, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao beats Erik Morales by knockout! During the third round, Morales just looked at his corner and sat. He had given up. After Pacman won, he walked over to Morales and gave him a hug and his father a handshake. Good sportsmanship. I […]

Oh So Happy… Feets

I’m gonna watch this movie today w/ Nicole! Yay! View the trailer here. (Update) Grade: B The movie was good! It was soooo cuuute! Oh my gosh! It’s unbelievable how cute the lil penguins are. Basically…. Mumble has happy feet instead of a good singing voice so everyone thinks he is weird. He looks weird […]

Aboriginal Australians

HOLY CRAP! I don’t look that good, but daaaangg. Blond hair? Dark skin? We are connected. The blonde hair of some Aboriginal Australians posed a problem for early racial classifiers, who thought blond hair was restricted to the so-called Caucasian races. Anthropologists now know that all human populations have significant physical and biological variability, making […]