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HP Customer Service Wankster

Yeahh.. I called HP today for my Compaq Computer (same company, that’s riiiiggghtt hoes!) and talked to Customer Service.

I think their customer service is in another country because those mother fellas don’t speak very well, anyway…..

I told him my speakers weren’t working and he automatically assumed that they were broken and tried to sell me NEW ones from HP. Oh funk that! Prentyce paid $30 for these Altec Lansing speakers. I’m not just going to assume they are broken just because they weren’t working.

I told him it wasn’t the speakers and asked if there was a way to check that the speakers were connected to the comp and he said no. There has to be one right?

Anyways, I kept pushing that it wasn’t the speakers and he suggested that I plug them into my iPod or CD player to check if they were working and guess what? THEY DID! Damn straight.

I plugged it into my computer thereafter and it worked fine. He was retarded. He automatically tried to sell me new ones instead of trying to help me. I talked to his supervisor and rated him a 3.5 out of 5 stars. What a focker.

Usually, their support is way better, but only probably because it’s online and I don’t have to deal with them verbally. Their phone customer service was okay though, I did not have to wait very long even though the automated voice stated that they were experiencing a high volume of callers — my ass they were.

Yay! Speakers work.

Link: HP Support


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